Covidian follow up 1 year later

Ok, so it’s been a while since I published anything on this site and I’m getting back into the groove.

The last article I wrote was written at the beginning of the “Covidian Era”, and I’m using it to define the recent (and unfortunately, ongoing) pandemic.

It now appears that “covidian” has been “co-opted” and used as term described as follows in the “urban dictionary”, and this is real funny and ironic because, um, I’ll tell you after you read the excerpt below from the above mentioned dictionary. I’m leaving in all of the links <sic> (you’ll see), that were on the urban dictionary site to keep the whole kit and kaboodle in context.



Someone who has elevated COVID-19 prevention or mitigation to the point of a religious persuasion, like they have become a zealot and judge and shame others for their “lesser” measures. A COVIDIAN does everything with COVID-19 prevention in mind, especially for others to see.“Look at those two COVIDIANS! They live in the same house, but they’re social distancing on their daily walk together!” Or, “I wash my hands frequently and wear a mask , but I’ve not gone off the deep end and become a COVIDIAN or something like that!”by ottawa0214A July 16, 2020″

Ha, that’s really ironic, because I’m on the side that challenge’s the authenticity of the Covid-19 pandemic – ha.

Alright, if you compare the date of when I coined the phrase to the above one, you can see that I got a head start on this, but so be it, it’s entertaining.

As far as what I believe in regards to the pandemic, sure, we had a problem with a corona virus getting out of control, but no more than a bad flu season, which incidentally is more contagious than the current pandemic. According to the World Health Organization, there are about 1 billion flu cases worldwide every year. Compare that to the 111,000 million covid cases (as of Feb 22, 2020), and you’ll surely see that the flu is almost 10 times more contagious than Sars Cov2, and of course that’s kind of a good thing, because we surely don’t need that many cases.

I’m not going to expand more on this site, but I do go more into discussion on my other page, Non Public Figure.

One more thing. Ha, I see that the word “conspiracy theorist” popped into your mind.

Einstein would be part of that group.


5 big mistakes vegans make

Just because you are eating a vegan diet does not mean that you are eating healthy.
Yes, you get points in the ethics section, but they get taken away with the ethics of taking care of your own body.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that some vegans make when making food choices.

1: Carb overload.
Many vegans pile on the simple carbs, such as bread, pasta, and refined grains.
If you eating gluten free items it can be worse.
Gluten free breads usually contain potato starch, white rice flour, and corn flours – all extremely high in simple carbs which quickly convert to sugar in the body while being digested.
Potatoes in all forms are high in simple carbs – French fries, home fries, and even a baked potato, however, the latter is OK when it’s eaten moderately.
Organic whole grain breads, and other whole grains such as Quinoa, Brown rice, and Millet are more wholesome and nutritious.

2: Fry fest
Another problem with many vegan diets is eating lots of fried foods, especially when eating out.
Most vegan restaurants use conventional Soybean and Canola oils to fry and cook their dishes which is highly inflammatory.
Remember that most conventional Soy and Canola are GMO.
Organic Olive oil and organic Coconut oil are way better alternatives , but probably only available when you are cooking at home.

3: Fake meats
The fake meat industry is raging now will all of the meat substitutes, and Soy and Seitan (Wheat Gluten) are the big “go tos” when creating meat substitutes.
These meat substitutes are usually highly processed, and most likely GMO. This is also an inflammatory nightmare.
The “Beyond burger” and the “Impossible burger” are also highly processed, and the latter made with GMO ingredients.

Homemade veggie burgers, or organic store bought veggie burgers with very few ingredients are better and healthier choices.

4: Nut milks
Nut milks are all the rage now, and there are many that are made with GMO ingredients and lots of additives such as carrageenan, “natural flavors”, and a fair amount of cane sugar – the last thing we all need.
Read the label carefully and choose nut or seed milks that contain very few (and hopefully organic) ingredients.

5: Sugar fest
Sugar is bad in any diet, and many of the vegan foods contain a high amount of sugar in many forms such as high fructose corn syrup and cane sugar, especially cakes, cookies, and other sweets.
Artificial sweeteners should be completely avoided as they are made from many chemicals that have been shown to be harmful.
Maple syrup, Coconut sugar, Stevia, and Monk fruit are better alternatives that the body can metabolize more slowly, but be careful with these sweeteners (except for Stevia), as having too much can boost blood sugar levels quickly. Keep in mind that there are some products that have a combination of Stevia, Dextrose, and artificial sweeteners mixed together which I advise against.

Bottom line
A vegan diet can be really healthy and help with how your body ages and performs throughout your life, when incorporating whole foods, especially in your latter years.
Eating more fresh and organic fruits and vegetables will give your body the amazing nutrition it deserves, and keep your immune system at it’s best when needed.

Living in the “Covidian Era”

The Covidian Era

So, I’m pretty sure I created the term “Covidian era” back in the beginning of March 2020 so it’s easier to refer to this time period when (if?) we all get through this. After using the term for a few weeks, I searched online to see if anyone else had come up with the phrase. Nope. Just the word “Covidien” which appears to be medical supply company.

Wikipedia entry

Wow, so I thought maybe I would add the phrase “Covidian era” to Wikipedia and claim credit. I’ve been registered as a Wikipedia editor for a while, but never used the privilege to edit, change, or create anything on it, until today. Adding a new page is kind of confusing, and, Wikipedia does not recommend adding content with any direct connection to yourself, although there are some exceptions. We’ll see about that within the next six months (that’s the typical waiting time for submission approval).

OK, now I have the term to refer to this current time period. What am I doing now? Not my regular job, as most of the “non-essential” jobs have screeched to a halt, and that includes me, and that leads to….

NYS Unemployment fun

Now it’s the end of March 2020, and I’m attempting to file for some unemployment benefits until this “Covidian era” becomes history.

Photo credit:NY Public Library

Normally, I wouldn’t divulge something as personal as being newly unemployed, but being that most of the US is now in the same boat, it’s a totally different game and there is little to no judgement warranted at this moment in time. Moving on, logging on to the NYS government website and going through the steps of filing, frequently leads to a page error, probably due to millions of New Yorkers scrambling to do the same as next month’s rent and car payments near. I’m still trying to complete the process and thinking of some tricks to squeeze in at non-busy times, but I don’t think there is such a thing as “non busy times” during the unemployment filing panic. That being said, I feel confident that I’ll conquer this important task soon.

Shopping in the Covidian era

It’s a bit hard to fully decipher the local, federal, and state quarantine protocols, but I’m doing my best to keep the “social distancing” rules while I drive to the local supermarket to shop for living essentials.

That includes keeping my 6 foot minimum distance from all humans (ok, I had a few accidental 4 foot distancings). Moving on, continually drenching my hands, shopping cart handles, car door handles, steering wheel, etc with some sort of sanitizer can be exhausting while watching your hands dry and shrivel up, but I am determined to play my part to eliminating this crazy cousin of the the basic Corona virus.

In the meantime

Having all this extra time is now providing some benefits and challenges, one of them is testing one’s ability to spend waaaaay more time with their partner, and that my friend, is a true “pressure test” for a relationship. (I’ll write more on the relationship “pressure test” soon in an upcoming post).

The extra time home is also providing me waaaay more time to work on my youtube videos, and my other websites (including this one that had tumble weeds blowing around for a bit). In addition, I can brush up on trying to figure out how to properly use wordpress templates.