This sweet liquid can help with your brain health – really.

We’re all looking for a supporting reason to eat more of something sweet and hoping to find a study showing that it’s really good for us, right?

I am.

Would you ever think that consuming maple syrup is great for brain health?

I didn’t think it would be that good, but, yeah, and there’s supporting evidence from a peer reviewed journal Neurochemical research showing that Maple syrup can help protect the brain, especially with those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

One way it helps is by preventing two types of proteins, beta amyloid, and tau peptide from clumping together – a good thing. This “clumping” can prevent “cell to cell” signaling, preventing effective cell communication – Sweet. (pun intended)

Maple syrup contains phenolic compounds – over 100 that are bio active and some have anti-inflammatory properties (that’s good).

Does this mean pour it on?

Well, I wouldn’t recommend over indulging in maple syrup, especially if you have some sugar sensitivities, or a level of diabetes, but in moderation, maple syrup can be a healthy addition to your diet, which, in my opinion, is way better than white sugar (oh, so bad).

Oh, so you’re going to make pancakes now?

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