LJ LaValle Music

I’ve written and produced over 50 songs and song bits over the last 30 years, but it’s really just a bunch of amatuer and mostly lower than professional studio quality pieces. Some are just little bits that are less than a minute, and some are standard length – about 3 minutes. I started writing in the late 80’s and recorder on a Tascam Porta One Studio 4-track cassette system. I then moved onto an Akai DPS12, which was one of the first multi-track recorders in the digital realm.

I’m now messing around with garageband and Logic Pro, but still have a way to go before I pick up some good momentum with those programs.

I have a few songs on Soundcloud and will post a few below.

Feel free to download or listen here. If you want to use a song for any project, just give me a shout.

Here is the link to Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/ljlavalle


Beat box plus loops