Covidian follow up 1 year later

Ok, so it’s been a while since I published anything on this site and I’m getting back into the groove.

The last article I wrote was written at the beginning of the “Covidian Era”, and I’m using it to define the recent (and unfortunately, ongoing) pandemic.

It now appears that “covidian” has been “co-opted” and used as term described as follows in the “urban dictionary”, and this is real funny and ironic because, um, I’ll tell you after you read the excerpt below from the above mentioned dictionary. I’m leaving in all of the links <sic> (you’ll see), that were on the urban dictionary site to keep the whole kit and kaboodle in context.



Someone who has elevated COVID-19 prevention or mitigation to the point of a religious persuasion, like they have become a zealot and judge and shame others for their “lesser” measures. A COVIDIAN does everything with COVID-19 prevention in mind, especially for others to see.“Look at those two COVIDIANS! They live in the same house, but they’re social distancing on their daily walk together!” Or, “I wash my hands frequently and wear a mask , but I’ve not gone off the deep end and become a COVIDIAN or something like that!”by ottawa0214A July 16, 2020″

Ha, that’s really ironic, because I’m on the side that challenge’s the authenticity of the Covid-19 pandemic – ha.

Alright, if you compare the date of when I coined the phrase to the above one, you can see that I got a head start on this, but so be it, it’s entertaining.

As far as what I believe in regards to the pandemic, sure, we had a problem with a corona virus getting out of control, but no more than a bad flu season, which incidentally is more contagious than the current pandemic. According to the World Health Organization, there are about 1 billion flu cases worldwide every year. Compare that to the 111,000 million covid cases (as of Feb 22, 2020), and you’ll surely see that the flu is almost 10 times more contagious than Sars Cov2, and of course that’s kind of a good thing, because we surely don’t need that many cases.

I’m not going to expand more on this site, but I do go more into discussion on my other page, Non Public Figure.

One more thing. Ha, I see that the word “conspiracy theorist” popped into your mind.

Einstein would be part of that group.