Living in the “Covidian Era”

The Covidian Era

So, I’m pretty sure I created the term “Covidian era” back in the beginning of March 2020 so it’s easier to refer to this time period when (if?) we all get through this. After using the term for a few weeks, I searched online to see if anyone else had come up with the phrase. Nope. Just the word “Covidien” which appears to be medical supply company.

Wikipedia entry

Wow, so I thought maybe I would add the phrase “Covidian era” to Wikipedia and claim credit. I’ve been registered as a Wikipedia editor for a while, but never used the privilege to edit, change, or create anything on it, until today. Adding a new page is kind of confusing, and, Wikipedia does not recommend adding content with any direct connection to yourself, although there are some exceptions. We’ll see about that within the next six months (that’s the typical waiting time for submission approval).

OK, now I have the term to refer to this current time period. What am I doing now? Not my regular job, as most of the “non-essential” jobs have screeched to a halt, and that includes me, and that leads to….

NYS Unemployment fun

Now it’s the end of March 2020, and I’m attempting to file for some unemployment benefits until this “Covidian era” becomes history.

Photo credit:NY Public Library

Normally, I wouldn’t divulge something as personal as being newly unemployed, but being that most of the US is now in the same boat, it’s a totally different game and there is little to no judgement warranted at this moment in time. Moving on, logging on to the NYS government website and going through the steps of filing, frequently leads to a page error, probably due to millions of New Yorkers scrambling to do the same as next month’s rent and car payments near. I’m still trying to complete the process and thinking of some tricks to squeeze in at non-busy times, but I don’t think there is such a thing as “non busy times” during the unemployment filing panic. That being said, I feel confident that I’ll conquer this important task soon.

Shopping in the Covidian era

It’s a bit hard to fully decipher the local, federal, and state quarantine protocols, but I’m doing my best to keep the “social distancing” rules while I drive to the local supermarket to shop for living essentials.

That includes keeping my 6 foot minimum distance from all humans (ok, I had a few accidental 4 foot distancings). Moving on, continually drenching my hands, shopping cart handles, car door handles, steering wheel, etc with some sort of sanitizer can be exhausting while watching your hands dry and shrivel up, but I am determined to play my part to eliminating this crazy cousin of the the basic Corona virus.

In the meantime

Having all this extra time is now providing some benefits and challenges, one of them is testing one’s ability to spend waaaaay more time with their partner, and that my friend, is a true “pressure test” for a relationship. (I’ll write more on the relationship “pressure test” soon in an upcoming post).

The extra time home is also providing me waaaay more time to work on my youtube videos, and my other websites (including this one that had tumble weeds blowing around for a bit). In addition, I can brush up on trying to figure out how to properly use wordpress templates.

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